FIRsensor by MarDaSo

App: FIRsensor, Google Play Store

Published: July 2013

This is a free (as Andy Rawson stated: “free as in beer”) application written by Marcel Damhuis of The Netherlands. As of this writing it is at version 0.86. The source for this version is not posted to the Kickstarter github.

There is a github associated with the Kickstarter, the link provided is to the Android software portion. It begins with the source code as it was at version 0.60, and there is a set of apk’s for revisions up to 0.86 in the git.

The Kickstarter hardware had been delivered mid-Summer, but when I began using it with 0.86 from Google Play I experienced some issues including lockups and errant behavior, as well as tiny fonts that made it more difficult than necessary to read. I began working with the 0.60 source in August 2013, when time freed up from more pressing issues. Upon discovering even more shortcomings of that open sourced code, and desiring more features than available even in 0.86 as well as corrections to the issues I experienced on my HTC Sensation, I set about creating my own application. I used the open sourced 0.60 as the baseline, improving and extending it. I also reported some issues I discovered in 0.60 source and the 0.86 apk in to the original author, along with suggestions for improvements — some based upon my own design and code changes to 0.60 baseline.

I forked the IR-Blue github. The wiki there documents the changes I implemented upon 0.60, and culminated in an apk in the Google Play store, called MIR-Blue, available for Free. The post documenting it is at MIR-Blue.

Since there are some costs to me for these efforts, if you find value in any of my work, please consider a donation.

Please consider a donation if you find value in my free/open source contributions.


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