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DC.js, Dynamic Table Column Headers

March 31, 2014

JS: dc.js

Published: March 2014

If you haven’t already discovered d3.js, crossfilter.js and dc.js, you might want to take a look. I’ve recently started using it for both personal and professional uses, to generate reactive charts that also allow you to slice-n-dice your data. I’ll post more on what I’m doing with dc.js in the future.

I found that dc.js had no provision for ‘dynamic’ column headers for the ‘table’ functionality, and I needed that so I could use one web page to view different source data, instead of coding a specific page for each table view. So my first contribution to dc.js’s github was just submitted in the hopes the dc.js staff agrees and integrates the functionality for others to use.

Please, if you find my contribution useful, consider a donation. Thanks. This was developed on my personal time so that it can be used without restriction.

Please consider a donation if you find value in my free/open source contributions.


March 22, 2014

App: ScoreCrowd, @

Published: March 2014

A while back I ran across, and decided to try it out. After a while I hit on the idea of keeping score of a sports game using Meteor.

How many times have you been to a game where

  • you can’t see the scoreboard
  • the board isn’t working, and you keep track using sunflower seeds in piles 😉
  • the operator stayed up too late the night before and is making mistakes
  • someone couldn’t make it but you text them updates, while missing moments of the game runs on any device with a browser that is considered ‘modern’. IE10 or Chrome or Dolphin for example.

If someone just wants to look at the score, no login is necessary, just join the desired ‘game’. Someone needs to set up and start the game, and keep score. Anyone with the same ‘login’ can manage the score, so it’s as private or share-able as you like. Even a player, coach or parent in the dugouts or on the bench can join in.

The name is a play on scoreboard, but scored by the crowd. Alternatively I considered CrowdScore. Let me know which you prefer.

When time permits, I may add additional functionality; its not finished, at least considering all the possibilities, but it is functional. Facebook login is yet to be tested; let me know if you want to use Facebook login; otherwise I may just remove it and leave Twitter login support.


If you like the idea, and use it and want to see more features, or have any problems, let me know through feedback here. And please, consider a donation. Thanks.

Please consider a donation if you find value in my free/open source contributions.