DC.js, Dynamic Table Column Headers

JS: dc.js

Published: March 2014

If you haven’t already discovered d3.js, crossfilter.js and dc.js, you might want to take a look. I’ve recently started using it for both personal and professional uses, to generate reactive charts that also allow you to slice-n-dice your data. I’ll post more on what I’m doing with dc.js in the future.

I found that dc.js had no provision for ‘dynamic’ column headers for the ‘table’ functionality, and I needed that so I could use one web page to view different source data, instead of coding a specific page for each table view. So my first contribution to dc.js’s github was just submitted in the hopes the dc.js staff agrees and integrates the functionality for others to use.

Please, if you find my contribution useful, consider a donation. Thanks. This was developed on my personal time so that it can be used without restriction.

Please consider a donation if you find value in my free/open source contributions.


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